Friday, March 14, 2014

Chapter 16: Random Exploration


The corroded metal door swung on its hinges as I opened it and walked into the concrete building that Dmitry and I had decided to explore since we got bored today after lunch. Sitting out in the front yard was fine, but it was getting old, and I wanted to add some excitement to my life. When I pitched my idea to Dmitry, he was reluctant at first due to the fact that he had never left the grounds unless Miss Deshi took him out somewhere, but I convinced him that it would be fine.

As we walked into the building, we entered a large room with a desk and a few benches in it. There were two sets of doors on either side of the room that looked to be in better shape than the main door. I guessed that the outside doors looked the way they did because the chemicals had eaten their way into the metal, causing the corrosion.

"Which way to you want to go, Dmitry?"

"I don't know, Bash, maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

"Aww, come on. It'll be fine. Let's go to the left."

The next room we went into had a bunch of fitness equipment on one wall, a sitting area with a bookcase, and a foosball table in the other corner. A staircase led upstairs and there was another door on the far wall. The foosball table was too tall for Dmitry and I to use, or we would have played on it. So far I hadn't seen anything incredibly exciting yet.

The couch looked really comfortable, way more comfortable than the beds we had to sleep in, so I ran over to sit on it. I hadn't sat on a couch in a long time. As I climbed on, I felt the soft cushions under my legs and I smiled to myself. I was having a great time today. Dmitry came over to sit with me, and I could see on his face that he was finally relaxing himself. All the fear and doubt that was on his face earlier had dissipated.

"Dmitry? Are you having fun? This place is exciting, isn't it?"

"Yeah, actually I am. I was kind of scared at first, but now I'm better. Thank you for getting me out of the orphanage, Bash."

"You're welcome. There's nothing to do there and I was getting so bored. I love this couch, though, it's so soft, unlike our beds."

"Ew, I hate our beds, they're hard and scratchy. I'm happy you decided to sit on this couch. I was scared to touch anything."

"Dmitry? Why are you scared of this place? It seems okay so far."

"I don't know, I think it's because I know I'm not supposed to be here. You know, Miss Deshi says we can't go places without her cause it's dangerous, so I just get worried we'll get in trouble."

I nodded at Dmitry, understanding his point of view. I knew in the back of my mind that we could get in trouble if we didn't go home before Miss Deshi started looking for us, but she usually let us do whatever we wanted as long as we showed up for our meals and exercises. Miss Deshi had told us that we weren't allowed to be out past eleven since the soldiers would arrest people for that, but I had planned to be back way before then. That's why I picked this building, it was close enough to home, being across the street from it a little ways, so I knew Dmitry and I wouldn't get lost when we had to leave. I had gotten my fill of sitting on this comfy couch, and I wanted to explore some more. If we were going to make it back before dinner, we would have to keep going so we could see as much of this place as possible in the short time we had.

The building was really big and I found myself wondering what it used to be. It was clearly not being used for much anymore, and it didn't seem like it was someone's house. The random assortment of furniture in it didn't really leave any clues to what it was either. I had a feeling exploring would help answer my questions, though, so I chose the natural path of going up the stairs that were behind the red couch. As I walked up the stairs with Dmitry behind me, I started imagining that he and I were in a video game, exploring one of the levels. The first set of stairs led us to a bunch of toilets, which made us giggle. Dmitry was starting to have more fun, and as we ascended up the second set of stairs, he ran past me down the hallway.

I smiled to myself, and was just about to follow him when I heard him scream loudly. My smile disappeared and I hoped I hadn't just gotten Dmitry hurt, otherwise we would really be in trouble when Miss Deshi found out. I quickly ran in the direction he was going to try to help him or calm him down. He was standing in front of some bars with his head in his hands. I was relieved he wasn't hurt, but I was concerned that he was scared again.

As I walked past Dmitry and peered inside the bars to see what he had been looking at, I felt like I was transported back to my living room, sitting with my dad's body, and the pool of blood that was under him. I went over to Dmitry and put my hands on his shoulders, feeling sorry that I had made him see such a horrible sight. I really hoped he wouldn't have nightmares tonight.

There was blood all over the walls and floor of the cell, and a man's body lay on the floor. The sight still scared me a little bit, as I felt a slight sense of danger, but for the most part, it just made me sad because it reminded me of my dad. Dmitry had been right, my nightmares had become less frequent, but I could still picture my dad's face in my mind whenever I wanted to. I felt good because I knew in my heart I would never forget him. My thoughts went back to Dmitry, who was still looking at the floor.

"Dmitry, are you okay? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

"No, Sebastian, it's fine. I mean I am scared, but I'll be okay. Can we go home now?"

"Yes, of course, let's go."

Dmitry and I went back down to the first floor, but just as I was going to turn the corner, I saw two other people in the building, so I hid behind the wall. Dmitry put his hands on my shoulders and peeked over my shoulder. A woman and man were there, looking like they were disappearing into the floor. The woman was crouching down and climbing in. I didn't understand what could possibly be so interesting that would make someone want to go into the floor, but maybe it was some grown up thing I didn't understand.

After the man and woman were gone, Dmitry and I made a break for it, and left the building, which we decided was a jail of some kind. Was the woman being taken to jail? She wasn't tied up or anything, but I guess that didn't necessarily mean she wasn't in trouble. Sometimes I wished I was big enough to help people, but I knew since I was just a kid that I had to stay safe or I'd get in trouble.

As Dmitry and I left the jail, I saw our home in the distance, and I could only hope that we would make it back in time for dinner.


  1. Poor Dmitry and Sebastian, seeing that body. It wounded so fun and exciting till that happened. I bet Sebastian and him will think twice before going into strange buildings again. I wonder if he was right that it might be some kind of prison. And I'm very curious about people going into the floor.

    How did you get all the haze in some of the pictures? It looks really cool!

    Can't wait to find out what happens next! :)

    1. That body was... creepy. LOL. Sebastian's now seen two dead bodies. o.O I'm not sure that this single experience is going to halt them from exploring. They'll still be curious about their environment, especially since it succeeded in curing their boredom. Yeah, the building was an abandoned prison. Haha, yes, the people going into the floor will be covered in later chapters.

      The haze came with the world I downloaded, I think it's a CC that's a fog emitter. Thanks! :)

  2. Oh, so that man in the cell was really dead? That´s ... good, in a way. To imagine the kids running while there might still have been hope to rescue him *shudders*
    Anyways. I like how the boys start to explore the neigbourhood. Who knows when they might be in a situation to need to know all the places to hide...

    Great update, again! :D

    1. Yes, the dead body was a corpse CC that came with the world I downloaded. He was an inmate when the prison was still functioning, and he had died, but no one had bothered to clean it up. *holds nose*
      That's a good point, the boys can learn stuff through their exploration, especially since they're pretty much guaranteed to live in the orphanage till they're big enough to no longer need supervision.

      Thank you! :)

  3. Awww the boys are so cute. I can imagine things getting pretty boring and repetitive at the orphanage, it's good that they're still able to keep their childlike wonder, curiosity and play when living in such hard times.
    Hmm.. I wonder what those people were doing there -_______-
    You always write chapters that make me ask questions and want to know more :D

    1. XD They are cute, I enjoy getting closeups of their cuteness. LOL. They are very resilient, they're not letting their situation or anything they've been through get them down. They're just looking ahead instead of getting stuck in the past.
      LOL those people... doing mysterious things, perhaps, or it could be they just found a place to hang out that's a little more secret.
      :) I'm glad I am continuing to keep the suspense going for you.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  4. Well, they had an adventure, didn't they! LOL! I'm sure they weren't expecting a body, though. It kind of looked like they were in a video game exploring the building. :) I agree with annasommer, this might be good for them in case there is some kind of soldier attack or something, they could know some hiding places if they continue to explore. I figured you'd cover those people later in another chapter. You're so good with that!! :)

    1. Yeah they did! The body really caught Dmitry off guard, but he was lucky Sebastian had already experienced one so Sebastian was able to comfort him. Heehee, I thought the video game level analogy would be fun to put in there. Yeah, annasommer made a really good point with the hiding places. It would definitely be good for them to know about their surroundings. Aww thank you! :) You're right, I will discuss those people later. It was one of those crossover pictures that I put in sometimes to show different characters' views.
      Thanks for commenting. :)

  5. Great chapter! I loved the fog in the prison, it made the pictures super creepy! Poor boys, that had to be pretty shocking to find a dead body, with so much blood around it. Makes me wonder how that person died, if it was caused to violence (probably) or due to the chemical attack.

    I did think it was super cute that they were exploring, and in my head I was singing Dora the explorer, until I saw the dead body and I was like nope, no dead bodies in Dora! LOL. They must be so bored living in the orphanage with nothing to do all day, when even a boring old couch seems exciting. :(

    The ending made me ask a lot of questions. Who were those people, and what the hell were they doing? Is that woman a prisoner? Yikes. I worry about Sebastian that his curiosity is going to get him harmed one of these days, or his Dmitry even. :(

    1. Thank! I like the fog too, it's perfect for this story. Dmitry was lucky Sebastian had already seen a dead body, so Sebastian was able to comfort him easily. That person was an inmate when the prison was still a prison, and the chemical attack that happened gave the inmates a chance to escape. The person got caught in the chaos and never made it to freedom.

      Haha, yeah, my stories are the farthest thing from a child's show. Sebastian was doing what a lot of us grownups fail to do, which is delight in the little things. It is true that when you have nothing but an old couch to look forward to that your life is pretty sad, but on the flip side of that, seeing happiness in small things can enhance your life and attitude.

      The people will be discussed in the next chapter. With curiosity, there's always risks, but there's also good that comes out of it too. They just have to learn to be smart about their surroundings as they grow up, so they can survive should danger ever find them.

      Thanks for reading, amandra! :)

  6. I liked how you built suspense in this chapter :-).

    Poor kids, such a sight for them to see :-(. I hope they haven't been discovered, or that some harm will come to them, or something...

    Now I'm very intrigued about the ending...

    1. Aww thanks, :D
      Yeah, poor Dmitry, he had never seen a dead body before, but Sebastian at least had the experience of seeing one, so he could help Dmitry feel better. Haha, it's ok, I can tell you they haven't been caught, and that they did make it back home in time. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Marta. :)

  7. ummm, am I the only one that wants to adopt those two. I mean, seriously, can I have them? Did you make them, can you upload them...??

    Also, is that gypsy?!?!? The blonde hair....

    And I was really worried for a second with this fog, I was thinking you were going to make it poisonous and then they were going to fall asleep and Bash wouldn't be able to wake Dmitry...yeah, my mind TOTALLY went there lol.

    Great update!

    1. Umm... yes I did make them, but I don't really want to upload them. They're a little too special for me to just release them like I would a Sim specifically made for download. Plus I had a bit of a sour experience when I uploaded Maximus, so I'm being much more picky about which Sims I give out for download.

      It might be Gypsy, or it might just be a random blonde woman. You'll find out for sure who it is in the next chapter, as well as what they are doing.

      LOL, aww. The fog is just part of the environment now, but it's harmless steam. I have no plans to off either one of the boys, I'm going to be needing them for a long time.

      Thanks for reading! :)

    2. Oh, I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience with Max (I use Glasgow in my story, but I give you credit and the link for him is on my credit page...I hope that's good enough, if not let me know!)

      Also, it's alright about the download, I just really want to turn them into real boys and hug them and read to them...yet, they are pretty special. le sigh. You create amazing Sims LatKnight...just saying. If you ever decide to go into doll making...

    3. XD Thanks for understanding and for your sympathies. Haha, you did fine with how you credited Glasgow. :) My bad experience with Max was I specifically said "Don't change his facial structure, and give me credit," you know, the usual, and I have no proof, but I swear I saw him in a story under a completely different name and I was given no credit, and the person changed him into a supernatural life state. It was the eye and hair color that made me go.... Max? Cause his coloring was very distinct. Anyway, so I didn't call the person out or anything, cause I had no proof, but I just ended up taking Max off of download.

      LOL I want to turn all my Sims real, I always love them so much. :D Thanks so much for the compliments. Haha, I guess I need to make another male Sim for download on my Sim creating site. XD

  8. Funny I forgot to comment. LOL, if they had the strength, I wish they took the couch back home XD. I'm getting worried with all the fog rising n' all. I'm glad they made it back without getting noticed! Make a beeline to the door!!! Great chapter!

    (I got my game to be a bit more stable, so a chapter will be out soon :D)

    1. LOL, taking the couch home would probably make Miss Deshi ask them questions and they most definitely would have gotten in trouble. Haha, the fog is just part of the environment because their weather is so funky, it's just going to be there hanging out. Yes, they were smart and kept to themselves, especially when they saw those other people.

      Thanks for reading. XD

  9. And the plot thickens! Ooh, I wonder what was happening in the jail and who those people were... hmm all these questions!!

    Great chapter :D

    1. Haha, yes, it does. The people will be discussed in the next chapter. :) Thanks!

  10. I hope they make it back in time too. M heart was in my throat the whole time they were exploring! Boys will be boys, but a post apocalyptic dystopian world isn't the kind of place a small child should be let loose in! There are people around who wouldn't think twice about hurting them!

    I wonder who the mystery people were? Once again, I have my suspicions ;) :)

    1. LOL, apparently post apocalyptic environments are not enough to keep these boys from exploring. XD It should help them later in life though, with bravery, and all that courage stuff. It's good in a way that they ventured out because they will grow up not being scared or things even if their world is pretty terrible.

      LOL, the mystery people will be discussed in the next chapter. There's a pattern with Sebastian's chapters and random people who show up in them that I started ever since he was dropped off at the orphanage... perhaps you will then guess if you are right about who those people were if you notice the pattern? :)

  11. Sebastian and Dmitry must've been so horrified when they saw that body on there. I wonder what those people were doing in there and I'm wondering if these people know Leonardo....For some reason I feel like this place is important to remember. Maybe its a hideout for the government workers and military officers...I wouldn't bebsurprised if it was because they seem pretty corrupt.

  12. In* sorry I'm reading this on my phone and its a touch screen so I mess up pj some of the words and auto correct makes it even worse :(

    1. Oh autocorrect... what a curse you are. LOL. I understand, my phone does that too sometimes. *shakes fist*

      Dmitry was more scared of the dead body than Sebastian was because Dmitry had never seen one before, while Sebastian was there when his dad died. :( Haha, I'm not going to say who those people are because the next chapter will reveal their identities. This place, is however, important to remember, and what the place is will also be revealed in the next chapter. You are correct that it is a hideout.