Law of the Land

These are a list of the restrictions in the apocalypse challenge that need to be lifted to restore society. My short descriptions are the way I have interpreted them to fit my story. Many of these things I have interpreted as illegal, and wrong, but that's how I view post-apocalyptic societies. While they are trying to get back to some form of normalcy, some powerful and greedy people try to take advantage of the chaos. New interpretations will be added as I continue with the story, and new restrictions are revealed, so this page will continue to change as the story changes.

                                         Back Story
In the midst of a chaos-filled world, society as we know it has crumbled. Nothing is as it seems anymore, and laws are being unfairly imposed on the citizens. A fake sense of order has been established, but in reality, it just creates more instability. Even though it seems like the military is running everything, no one knows who is really in charge. Every day, the citizens lose more control of their freedoms and lives...

                                         Martial Law
Shortly after the massive attack, the military instated martial law so they could attempt to clean up Ground Zero and return society to normalcy. Citizens are only allowed to go from work to home, and are advised to be inside by 11pm. Anyone caught outside after 11pm, no matter what age, will be arrested by the military. Unfortunately, the military's definition of normalcy may not match the citizens'...

                                         Empty Businesses
Shortly after the attack, looters were rampant. People behaved like animals and businesses were looted dry. Business owners ran in fear of their lives, as the public mobbed their stores and took everything. Now because of martial law, no citizen is allowed to go anywhere, meaning shopping has become obsolete. Homeless people who were living on the streets relocated to the empty businesses, making them their new home.

                                         Rampant Crime
Crime thrives in society. With the instating of martial law, the military decided they would take over all law enforcement and safety for society, so they shut the police and fire departments down. No one said this was a good nor smart thing to do...

                                         Weekly Rations
After people used up the food they looted from the stores, they had nothing left to eat. The nature of the attack left the environment unusable. Fresh food doesn't grow anymore, so people have nothing fresh to cook. Most livestock that lived on farms died from the exposure of the attack, and those who survived were unsafe to eat. The military imports food in from outside sources and sends them to people's houses every week.

                                         Environmental Changes
The grass and trees are all dead. Rain no longer falls. Whatever nutrients were present in the soil before have since been annihilated by effects of the attack. The weather is unpredictable, the sky can turn pitch black at any point during the day, and severe bolts of lightning come down, eliminating anyone in its path. Going inside is recommended when an impending storm is looming...

                                         Nutritional Limitations
The rations keep citizens alive, but they are not necessarily the best quality of food. Citizens can keep their strength up by exercising regularly so their muscles don't become any weaker than they already are with the lack of nutrition. Citizens must find alternate ways of exercising since the gyms and health spas have all been closed due to them being overrun...

                                         Unsanitary Water
The water supply has been contaminated and it will not sufficiently clean anything, except maybe a few dishes, and your hands. It is not recommended for showering or bathing. Citizens receive a shipment of water along with their weekly rations, which they may use to clean themselves. However, they must use it wisely because if they run out before the next shipment, there is no alternative way to get more...

                                         Labor Laws
The laws new employees have to follow seem to favor the employers. Bosses are no longer required to give workers breaks, and most employees don't know that they need to ask for a break. Even then, it depends on the boss whether or not the employee's break will be granted. Maternity leave is non-existent, if a woman becomes pregnant and can no longer work, she just loses her job outright.

                                         Zoning Laws
Since most of the houses near Ground Zero were deemed unsafe due to them being so close to the chemical attack, they were bulldozed, and new properties were built. The new houses went up quickly, and without love or much effort put into their styles, causing them to be identical both inside and out. New zoning laws say the interior of all new houses built must be no more than an 8x8 square foot space. Backyards may be extended out from the 8x8 zone, but the extra space cannot be used to add on to the house. Houses have also been given color coded trims...


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    1. LOL! This is all the crap the citizens have to deal with on a regular basis. O_O More will be added later, as it gets covered in the story.