This is a list of poses and things I have used in my story that are not created by me. Thanks to all these wonderful Simmers who are talented at making things.


The Sims Resource

Ralph Lauren's Hoodie for Kids - R2M Creations


Eye 1 - M & T Sims Cake Store - tears welling in eyes




The Sims Resource

Fresh Prince Creations

Mod the Sims

Knife - Sims Studio
Bandages - Sims by Severinka
Blood Spatter Decor - The 13th Sim
Hanging Around - Club Crimsyn - wall signs by aikea_guinea


Mod the Sims

POSES! Set 11 - L.O.V.E. - by Pamy
Capoeira  - by Clarisse Sims
Chatter Kid's Pack  - by GemlyTeddie's Downloads
Broken Girls  - by Emmy's Blog
Car Accident  - by ForeverHailey Creations
Motherly Instincts  - by Slices of my Soul
The Song of Ga'al Set #3  - by Zhippidy's Poses
First Kids Poses  - by R2M Creations
Only Yours  - by IMHO Sims


Tipsy OMSP by newshoes - MTS
Regular OMSP by Granthes - MTS
Pose Player by cmomoney - MTS
Pose Player Addon by Misukisu

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